Row, Row, Row Your Boat

My friend and I were on a search for a healthy dinner. Kind of ironic since we had originally planned to go to the Cheesecake Factory (INDULGENCE!) for $1.50 cheesecake slices. The restaurant was running a promo for their 30th anniversary that night. We obviously ended up not going since it would have taken 45 minutes to get a pager and then another 2 hours for a table. thanks. We should have known since the restaurant is ALWAYS packed and with $1.50 slices? Even way more crazy people.

We were in downtown and I sort of hate eating in downtown because I never know where to go. We were walking on O’Farrell and sushi came up since it correlates with healthiness. I remembered this one sushi boat restaurant close by that was affordable (plates ranged from $1.50 – $3). Sorry, I don’t know the name. :X

I love the idea of sushi boats. It’s fun and creative watching the boats pass by. I wonder what the story behind sushi boats are. I mean, who thought of them and…why? To entertain his patrons while serving them yummy food? Hmm..I’ll do a little digging later….

I grabbed about 5 plates and had a variety of rolls – spicy tuna and avocado with wakame salad (pictured), japanese root vegetable, crunchy california and a couple others.

Couldn’t take many pictures because of lighting issues…speaking of issues…it looks like the color of my pictures on this blog are washed out! :( Boo. Need to figure out why that’s happening….


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