That One Restaurant…

Been feening for some real Mexican food so my boyfriend and I found Olivo’s on Yelp. It was only 2 blocks away from my boyfriend’s on Larkin x Post. Do I need to remind you again that convenience and close by is key to most of my meals? :P

We heard great things of it and wanted to check it out. I remembered the place before Olivo’s was a Vietnamese restaurant. I’ve only been there once and thought it wasn’t bad, but for some reason, never went back.

Anyways, the service at Olivo’s sucked and I wish they had a milder salsa. They only had one salsa (hot). What the?! It was way TOO hot so I said no salsa for my two chicken soft tacos. They were ok, tortillas warm with a mixture of chicken and some cilantro. It was definitely a bit dry without any salsa. After the first taco, I didn’t feel like eating anymore. I just didn’t enjoy the taste and wanted something else.

And the horchata. Really? You call that horchata? It’s a disgrace! It had this weird taste to it, like it was very unnatural and processed. Which I’m sure it was! I saw the waitress pour it out of one of those gallon milk jugs. And the chips. Again, poured straight from the bag. Not homemade for sure. What is this place? You call this an authentic Mexican restaurant?!

The only savior was my boyfriend’s chicken enchilada dish (sorry didn’t take a picture). The chicken was tender and the enchilada drenched with this creamy, spicy (but not too spicy! :)) tomato sauce. Yummy but still not something to go crazy about.

It’s more of a take out place but even that, would I go back? 80% no. Maybe that location is jinxed…


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